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Your savings now are in the right place and you are ready to book.

You’ve been dreaming about Your dream safari of Africa, the Northern safari circuit offers a range of national parks such as Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area and the famous Ngorongoro Crater, the Serengeti National Park and let us not forget the compact but enchanting Arusha National Park. It’s an ideal destination for a first time Africa traveller as well as a repeat destination. Both driving and fly in safaris are possible and there is wide variety of combinations with trekking and walking instead of only sitting in the safari vehicle for many days in a row. Apart from wildlife in the national parks the Northern Circuit also offers plenty of cultural activities. Meet with the Maasai tribes and the Hadzabe Bushmen or learn how to cook some of the swahili cuisine.

With our safaris you would be able to feel the essence of Tanzania and Africa in their different facets. You won’t feel like you’ve missed something!


Planning a Budget Safari in Tanzania
You’ve been daydreaming about planning your African safari since you were old enough to point out Tanzania on a map. You’ve been building up your holiday time so that you can escape for a couple of weeks. Your savings are in the right place and you are ready to book. The way to save money on a budget safari in Tanzania


Planning a Standard Safari in Tanzania
Classic tariff it is an ideal combination of price and quality. We have selected comfortable lodges right in savannah center, which will make your impressions unforgettable. In each of lodges you will be offered a cozy room equipped with all the necessary things including Wi-Fi. A large variety of food for meat lovers and vegetarians will not leave you indifferent!


Planning a Premium Safari in Tanzania
Premium package are higher category hotels located in the most interesting spots of the parks, be it the edge of the Ngorongoro Crater, hills in the Serengeti and other National parks. In each of lodges you will be offered a Nice room equipped with all the necessary things including Hot shower….

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Faru Safari   6 days 5 nights

Faru Safari package is designed for a full-day game drives, one day of which you will spend in the Manyara National park, then in the Ngorongoro The unique climatic conditions allow you to enjoy the incredible scenery, you’ll be able to see resting lions, sneaking the secretive leopard, graceful antelopes. The advantage of such itineraries is that they give more chances to see the rare representatives of the African fauna: Flamingo, Hippos, elands, servals, caracals, secretary birds, Marabou stock, and many others. Finaly you will enjoy culture experience at Masai Boma

Ngiri Safari   4 days 3 nights

When you need to plan a vacation that works with everyone’s busy schedules, our Short Family Safari is the perfect choice: Filled with all of the wildlife, landscapes and people Tanzania is known for, but on a tighter timeline.

Chui Safari   7 days 6 nights

With an itinerary that pleases all ages, our chui Safari package was made for kids, parents and grandparents alike. Kids will appreciate game drives, meal times, visiting Hadzabe and Datoga Boma and playing with locals while adults will enjoy sharing the wonder of discovery with family.

Duma Safari   4 days 3 nights

When you need to plan a vacation that works with everyone’s busy schedules, our Short Duma Safari is the perfect choice: Filled with all of the wildlife, landscapes and people Tanzania is known for, but on a tighter timeline.

Nyumbu Safari   9 days 8 nights

Experience two Wonders of the World! This itinerary combines the high drama of Wildebeest Migration on the majestic plains of the Serengeti with the majesty of the World Heritage listed Ngorongoro Conservation Area. On Nyumbu safari package you’ll track the movements of the vast herd while also visiting three of Tanzania’s most famous national parks. You’ll start in Lake Manyara National Park before spending days in the Serengeti National Park and Ndutu following the movements of the Wildebeest Migration. You’ll then finish your drive in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.
There’s no better way to see Wildebeest Migration in action and see the amazing parks that have made Tanzania so famous.

Simba Safari   6 days 5 nights

Join the most thorough exploration of northern Tanzania with an immersive mix of African wildlife and authentic cultural interactions, and experience the human side of Tanzania.

Topi Safari   4 days 3 nights

This is a 4-days safari tour in the nearest national parks of Tanzania. It includes absolutely dissimilar nature reserves and traveling there you most likely will see not only all members of the Big Five of Africa: elephant, buffalo, leopard, rhino and lion but also rare species of felidae such as caracals and servals, including. You are to visit Tarangire National Park with its predators and, of course, the Ngorongoro Crater, included in a UNESCO and containing a large number of lion prides and rhinos

Punda Milia Safari   8 days 7 nights

Experience the first steps of one of nature’s most grueling and fascinating journeys as you witness the calving season. Calving season marks the beginning of this movement that sees millions of animals make the difficult journey from the southern Serengeti to the distant Maasai Mara.
On Punda milia safari you’ll visit Lake Manyara National Park, travel to the southern Serengeti to see the calving region of Ndutu, and finish your tour with a visit to the stunning Ngorongoro Conservation Area. If your timing is right, you might even get to see the first steps of this vast herd’s northward movement

Tembo Safari   8 days 7 nights

If you hear “safari” and think “wildlife,” this trip was made for you. Designed to maximize wildlife-viewing opportunities, this safari package will bring you up close and personal with creatures big and small, from big cats to birds. Together with Beach holiday.

Swala Safari   4 days 3 nights

This safari in Tanzania is perfect for those who want to see African animals in a short time. Moving from one destination to another takes less than two hours which will definitely be an advantage for those who do not like long journeys by car. Ngorongoro Crater not only the habitat of a huge number of birds including , pelicans and storks but also pink flamingos’ colonies. It is here that you can meet lions and even secretive leopards. Tarangire is known for its number of elephants and also predators who go down to the river in looking for the prey.