1. Travel With friends & family program

Our Friends & Family Program allows you to share your love of travel with others and save in the process. When you travel in a group of 10 or more, you will save big amount and everyone pays less. You can reserve ANY scheduled It’s a great way to travel with your closest friends & family!

To start planning a once-in-a-lifetime group safari, we need to chat! email info@theguidesafaris.com.

2. Avoid the Crater Rim

The opportunity to spend a night on the Ngorongoro crater rim is a hard one to resist.

Crater rim lodging not only affords you an unparalleled view of Ngorongoro Crater but also allows you early access to the park. Many crater rim properties are located inside of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and put you closest to the gate to gain entry to the crater.

However, this convenience comes at a cost. Crater rim properties are not only more expensive than Karatu properties but also attract a $59 concession fee that means you’ll be paying up to three times as much for your night’s sleep! When to Stay on the Crater Rim

If you’re visiting Ngorongoro Crater on your last day and have an evening flight to catch, staying on the Ngorongoro Crater rim is unavoidable. Lodges such as Ngorongoro Wildlife Lodge and Rhino Lodge offer a more affordable option than luxury properties such as Serena Ngorongoro.

During low season (see point #1 on this list), crater rim properties become much more affordable. You should definitely include them during the rainy season. If you’re visiting Ngorongoro on your way north or if you’re staying in the area for multiple days, we’d advise staying in Karatu to save money. While the crater view is spectacular, is it worth cutting a day from your dream safari elsewhere?

Where to Stay in Karatu We have a huge variety of lodges in Karatu to choose from, but below are a few of our favorites:


3. Go camping

There are a lot of fantastic lodges and tented camps in Tanzania, but these can quickly begin to add up over a longer itinerary.

If you don’t need creature comforts such as a King-sized bed and an ensuite bathroom, camping in Tanzania can be a fantastic way to save money.

Pitching a tent under the Serengeti stars or on the shores of Lake Natron is an unforgettable experience!

The Guide safaris provides all camping equipment as well as the services of one of our private chefs, so you won’t be roughing it, either.

Whether it’s a few nights on the Serengeti or a camping only safari, The Guide safaris staff will be on hand to make it as comfortable and fun as possible.

4. Visit during low season

Just Arrange your dream safari during low season!

April and May mark Tanzania’s rainy season. While this doesn’t mean constant rain, it does make tented camps a muddy prospect.( Although its raining But Its interesting)

While the wet conditions give animals more sources of water, making them a bit harder to spot, a wet season safari can still be a fantastic experience.

The best part? Luxury lodges from Serena, sopa all the way up to the Kubukubu Luxury Lodge lower their rates to attract tourists.

If you’ve ever day dreamed of swimming in the famous Kubu kubu Luxury Lodge infinity pool or staying at Maramboi Luxury Lodge this is the perfect opportunity!

Even if you aren’t splashing out on decadent luxury lodges, staying in Sopa and Serena properties during low season is actually cheaper than staying in medium properties in high season!

If your holiday time is flexible, a wet season safari is the ultimate way to have a great safari on a shoestring.