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The guide Safaris and Team are mostly drawn from local communities, allowing you a unique insight into the rich culture that defines these corners of East Africa. Our Naturalist guides are always eager to share their culture with interested guests, and visits to nearby communities and homesteads are easily arranged.

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Take a journey into the BUSH MAN. The Hadzabe tribe of Tanzania is the last true nomads of Africa. The Guide Safaris can take you on an amazing adventure with the Hadza. You will join the men as they hunt for their daily subsidence using traditional Bow and arrows, or join the women as they foraging for fruits and berries. This is really culture experience. This is the real deal. Just try and take your memory back home.

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 Masai are tribal people who live on the border of Kenya and Tanzania in Africa. Most of the Masai population lives in Kenya and Tanzania They are a fierce warring tribe that is semi nomadic meaning their habits are nomadic but they don’t move constantly from one place to another like nomads. A nomad is a person who does not stay long in the same place. Masai live inside the Boma. The Boma are enclosure for cattle or other livestock. Each Boma also has a few homes. They are made up of prickly thorns, Mud together with cattle Dung which prevent lions and other animals from attacking the cattle.

If you plan to go to Africa and are curious to meet the Masai tribes, you can locate them at Tanzania.

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The Datoga tribe has a much larger population than the Hadzabe and place great importance on cattle in their culture.  A man becomes a Datoga chief when he marries his first wife.  The first wife then chooses the second and the husband must buy her with cattle.  The second wife choose the third and so on.  Tall, fair-skinned woman cost the most cattle and the husband must purchase the woman his wife chooses regardless of the cost.  Therefore, a man with many wives is wealthy because he must have many cattle to afford his wives.