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About Us: The Guide Safaris Tanzania, is a company which was started in 2012. The reason of doing a safari business was a result of our passion for Tanzania (our mama land), and because we love safaris and adventures. But also, we want to inspire and encourage others to explore and love our beautiful country (Tanzania).
As a family-owned business, we take great pride in the friendly, loyal yet modern and professional experience that we offer our guests. We love and respect nature. With this in mind; we offer you the chance to explore and enjoy Tanzania’s staggering natural and ethnic diversity without restriction. Our work is to give our customers the opportunity to make memories that will last a lifetime.
We want to make sure you have the best lifetime experience, and we’re constantly trying to improve every aspect of our guests’ experience. We’re always here to listen to your feedback, hear your suggestions, and do everything we can to ensure you have the best memorable safari.
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Our Naturalist Guides

Friendly, knowledgeable and resourceful, our Tanzanian Naturalist guides will ensure that you have an unforgettable safari experience. All The guides has got highest guiding standards, and as such they are well informed about a wide range of animal and plant characteristics (including behavior, taxonomy, reproduction etc.) as well as Codes of Conduct.

All the guides have excellent communication skills and can speak perfect English. We also have guides with additional languages (e.g. German, French, Italian, Japanese and Spanish).

Our guides are passionate about Tanzania’s history, culture and the natural environment and will always go the extra mile to make your Dream Safari of Africa true. Normally our clients are the first into the Ngorongoro Crater and the last to leave! No mileage limits are imposed on our guides, so they have a freedom to follow interesting wildlife or to visit a distant tribe.

Our vision

  • To provide each and every client with impeccable service, ensuring an exceptional travel experience
  • To demonstrate our creativity, innovation and commitment in a manner which sets us apart from others in the business
  • To build knowledgeable, responsible and accountable teams who are proud to be associated with a company that recognizes them as a vital part of it: “Our people are our success”
  • To improve the welfare of Tanzanians through tourism
  • To target and carefully identify the markets which we want to develop
  • To build sustainable relationships with our clients and with service-providers in the industry.

We Know Tanzania

Tanzania remains one of the least-known countries in the world, as well as one of the least explored. It is a vast country with enormous landscapes and limitless vistas and horizons. Much of its natural beauty truly has to be seen to be believed: acacia woodlands; open savannas dotted with extraordinary mega fauna; ancient volcanoes and forests; and salt flats, to name but a few. Humans have been present here for thousands of years and Tanzania offers a journey through the history of human evolution with local tribes maintaining their ancient customs to this day